Nature, Nurture and God: The Science Behind Religious Belief


Faith is a great mystery of life. For some, religion is the very basis and purpose of existence, whereas for others, it is the stuff of delusion. But what determines who is and is not a believer in religion and other supernatural phenomena? Is it our family, our friends, or are some people simply ‘born believers’?

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Not Just For Christmas: Why it Pays to be Kind All Year Round


The season of goodwill is upon us: a time for fun, family and cheer. But of course, the magic can’t last. Soon January will roll around, and we’ll all return to working, and sniffling and grumbling about the weather. But is there really nothing we can do to keep that warm fuzzy feeling?

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The Love Formula: Unpicking the Science of Our Hearts

Pink love hearts

“Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Love: poets, artists, musicians and philosophers have sought for centuries to unravel its mysteries and yet it remains forever wild and elusive. But whilst we can’t completely explain love, modern science can give us an insight into some of the tell-tale signs of longing. From beating hearts to butterflies, there’s a lot of complex biology, neurochemistry and psychology that goes into giving you that gooey feeling.

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